Events & Business Development

Events & Business Development
Business development

We work with clients on their future business. We build long lasting relationships with new or existing key accounts and generate extra business for luxury and lifestyle brands via networking and representation. We built a network of UHNW/HNW and key influencers in the tourism, beauty and lifestyle industry in the UK & Europe which helps our clients to growth their business and create more revenue.

We assist clients who plan to expand in other countries or want to do business between the UK and the DACH region entering and establishing successfully in those new markets. With our high cultural awareness and knowledge of different languages such as English, German, and French we consult clients in cultural differences such as communication or negotiation strategies. Understanding the market is key for business and we help them to make it more understandable. We also present product strategies or deliver trainings to different stakeholders on an international level if companies don’t have the manpower to do so.

Stephanie Sadjak
Strategic marketing & sales and business development


We implemented a wide range of marketing campaigns for leading beauty and lifestyle brands and have a deep understanding of the product lifecycle. Our experience in brand management helps clients to find the right strategy for the right audience and boost the brand awareness through different channels.

We also assist in the campaign roll-out in existing or new markets and guide through launch processes as we did for Roberto Cavalli and many other beauty brands.

We consult in the creation of POS/Trade and marketing materials and makes sure that the design fits to the brand story.

To turn the customer communications into additional revenue streams and grow the marketing budget, we constantly look for potential brand partnerships and alliances.

Everyone speaks about storytelling: we tell your brand story to media, customers and other stakeholders and spread the word in our network.


Through targeted sales initiatives we contribute to a steady growth of revenue. We drive establishment on client’s market position and help gaining market share. We draft a sales strategy in line with the marketing concept and define short and long term goals to ensure sustainability. When selling for today it won’t bring business. We are looking at generating sales for long term.

We collaborate with existing or establish new Key Accounts to grow business.

These initiatives will help our clients to be able to forecast on the capacity and capability they need.

We plan and manage contracting trips for or together with our clients and make sure that the brand is always well represented. We have an extensive knowledge of sales promotion and often work together with industry partners such as tour operators or retailers. Some of our clients e.g. tourist destinations need support with new programme implementation, we consult them and help them promote their product and establish it successfully in the market.

Trade Shows

When it comes to events, we get very passionate:

Our event management begins with the strategy – we find out which audience to reach, what message to deliver and how to present the brand.

We find solutions for every budget: from exclusive key account events to trade shows for a large audience, for the B2B and B2C industry.

We provide the full event management services: conception, site inspection und venue finding, organisation, catering planning and guest service management. We have a long experience in the service industry and know how to deal with guests. We also know a wide range of event suppliers from catering to stand builders.

We bring the guests in another mindset in order to inspire them with the brand. We create unforgettable experiences and make sure that they talk about it long time after.


We offer the following service:

  • Customer Acquisition, Retention and Engagement through Events
  • Brand awareness, positioning and exposure to groups of target market clients
  • Access to private clients, directly as well as via influencers and gatekeepers like private banks, asset management companies, investor networks, niche concierge companies, wealth managers, member’s clubs, expat communities, and established entrepreneurship organisations
  • Help build a loyal and engaged target client base which has a strong connection to the brand and its ethos
  • Meaningful, well-positioned brand partnerships (fashion, lifestyle, art, premium drinks, hospitality) and cross marketing opportunities Individual facilitated introductions for on-going collaborations and business development
  • Introductions to key influencers, brand partnerships and clients which may fall outside of the event activity, but where there would be benefit for the client. The client would then be in a position to build on and continue these relationships beyond the contract term/event. Development of an event formula the client can implement to continue to attract and engage private clients beyond the contract period/event series

Michelle de Klerk
Event & Business Development


Private clients ours sourced from our network:

  • The network of 3,000 clients consists of both male and female entrepreneurs, investors, expatriates, concierges, lifestyle management companies, private banks, wealth management firms and their clients. The Women’s Chapter is an invitation-only networking group and experiential event platform for high impact women
  • There are more than 1,400 high calibre women in the network, all personally invited or referred
  • The network consists of women business leaders and innovators, senior professionals, entrepreneurs and holders of MBEs, CBEs and OBEs
  • The network has been built up over a number of years and is constantly evolving through member referrals and excitement around the concept
  • Membership is offered on an invitation-only basis.
  • There is no fee to be a member of The Women’s Chapter nor to attend events unless the event is in aid of a charity