Crisis Response & Cyber Security

Crisis Response & Cyber Security

We have resource for handling rapid response to a range of serious crisis that could damage your client’s businesses or pose a threat to their safety and security.

About this service

Our Experts in the field of rapid response understand that at the top of their game, both individuals and companies are at risk. So we are able to work with you to prempt and advise your clients to deal with this in any eventuality and avoid the consequences of not being prepared.

Our consultants who are second to none cover any type of peril you can imagine. Their experience out in the field is not only tried and tested it is outstanding. In the worst case scenario our team have had to rescue super yachts from Somalian pirates, engage in counter terrorism or extract senior executives from kidnap and extortion gangs in Africa. However, thankfully most of the work we commission is concerned with the protection of business and reputation: Cyber investigations and security, forensic accounting, identification and recovery of stolen assets, insurance fraud investigation and private investigations.

Social media intelligence and the right to be forgotten on social media can be handled swiftly, with discretion using consultants of the highest intellect. In the corporate world we also assist in brand protection working in social media and the Internet given our experts ability to spot information that is adverse and sinister.

We have also partnered with experts offering swift validation services for screening staff and future employees, invaluable in enabling companies to trade within the law.  We also handle anti-money laundering solutions along with financial and business misconduct.