Coaching, Mentoring & Training

It’s all about belief, confidence, planning a strategy, being transformational, pragmatic, proactive and being a Visionary. Let us help you overcome the challenges you face, to Accelerate Growth, Empower your people, Build your Brand and achieve your long and short term Vision for you, your people and your business


Helping boards plan the strategy for the long term and short term vision for their organisations. Helping them to understand what changes will need to take place and then working with their Leadership team to implement this by putting in place tools, frameworks, training and coaching to help their leadership teams and employees, to make it happen.


  • Creating a business strategy for the future
  • Identifying end goals, performance goals & objectives
  • Planning timelines
  • Identifying and understanding the challenges – is this achievable? If not what is?
  • Understanding the financial implications – can we?
  • Planning for the right capabilities and capacity to avoid growing pains and enhance success

Ramona da Gama
Business Growth Strategy 
Coach, Mentor & Motivational Speaker

Tailored Professional Development for Leaders and Senior Executives. This would be working with individuals to develop a strategy for their vision for the future and aligning this with that of their organisations and their teams. Working on their strengths and weaknesses in order to fulfil their full potential, help them to work with their teams, other colleagues and external stakeholders. This can be done face to face or remotely.

Benefits – For the Leader / Senior Executive

  • Fast-track leadership development
  • Enhanced leadership and strategic planning skills
  • Better decision making
  • Improved goal setting
  • Faster achievement of individual goals, team goals and organisational goals
  • The ability to involve, inspire, inform, engage and motivate their teams
  • Confidence
  • Improved communication & soft skills
  • Improved working relationships


For the Organisation

  • Improved management and leadership
  • More creativity, innovation, empowerment and ownership unleashed in the business
  • Underpinning effective implementation of organisational change through supporting teams and individuals
  • Higher retention of key people who feel valued

Ideally for leaders and managers who want to develop a coaching management style so as to be able to inform, involve inspire and empower their teams. The sessions focus on real life examples not role-play. It’s learning by doing so feedback is through insightful peer and facilitator feedback.


  • Enhanced open communication, clarity and partnership
  • Empowering direct reports to deliver great Customer Service
  • Partnering and creating ownership for direct reports
  • Development of direct reports
  • Performance management and aligning individual purpose and organisational targets
  • Creating direct reports who are proactive and take responsibility for their actions
  • Teams that are brand advocates and committed to their success and that of the organisation
  • Belonging
  • Sustained growth
  • Retention of clients and staff

Coaching leaders and senior executives and anyone in the organisation who recruits to know how to drill deep down below the ‘Iceberg’ to understand interviewee’s values & behaviours to ensure that they are aligned with those of the organisation.


  • Recruiting people who fit in with the culture of the organisation
  • Better staff retention
  • More successful individual
  • More profitable organisations
  • Less risk
  • Cost savings and greater profits

Coaching leaders to understand the values of the organisations, but more importantly the behaviours that define those values. Not just ticking the boxes, but ensuring that they bring this to life as part of the everyday culture of the organisation and empowering employees to want to buy into the values and live them through the right behaviours.


  • A more engaged organisation
  • Living the values through behaviours
  • Turning values into value
  • More engaged investors, customers and suppliers
  • Rising share prices

Coaching & training sales teams to understand how to build relationships and learn to sell effectively by providing them with the frameworks and communication tools necessary to sell the benefits of the organisations services and products and knowing how to overcome objective and challenges.


  • Confidence and a more motivated team
  • Knowledge of their products & services
  • A key understanding of how to sell effectively
  • The ability to get on the job immediately
  • Achievements of objectives
  • More sales, revenue and profits

Helping women & men who are returning back to work after Maternity and Paternity leave, how to integrate and fit in again after such a long gap. For those who don’t wish to return to full time employment and want to become Innovators & Entrepreneurs, Ramona, can help them to create their brand and to set up their own businesses whilst bringing up their children.