Managing Export Sanctions Risk hosted by ACREW and PANDORA ART SERVICES

February 26th, 2019
Managing Export Sanctions Risk hosted by ACREW and PANDORA ART SERVICES

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Managing Export Sanctions Risk: What Captains need to know

9th April in Monaco, 5th March in Saint Maarten

A seminar hosted by ACREW and Pandora Art Services at Superyachts Monaco addressing prohibited materials at sea and examining aspects of preservation of the environment and global cultural heritage.

Navigating unforeseen risks in superyacht interiors such as the risks with carrying prohibitive materials which infringe cultural heritage or endangered species laws is vital for superyacht compliance. The tendency is to think that if you own an object it is yours to move as you please.  Owners may be unaware of the issues until disaster strikes. Moreover, keeping abreast of regulation and how it applies is onerous.

Two regulatory areas are critical following instances of seizure and destruction of owners’ property together with the associated risk of prosecution for smuggling or illegal export.

CITIES: The convention on trade with endangered species

What everyday materials on board are potentially unlawful and how are governments and organisations around the world attempting to stem the trafficking of ranging from ivory ornaments to various skins interior furnishings, such as items with crocodile, to turtle and rosewood. Burmese teak decking from Myanmar is under scrutiny as sustainable resourcing becomes paramount. 21 countries have signed up to the CITIES convention regulating trade on over 35,000 species. Purchase and transport of items from remote destinations could cause an infringement and a simple butterfly in artwork has prevented a vessel from continuing its itinerary.

The seminar will encourage a wider discussion on global efforts to stem poaching in light of environmental concerns and, with expanding superyacht itineraries, the extent to which guests and crew might be exposed.

Cultural Heritage: National Treasure Laws on Cultural Property

Each country wants to preserve and protect its gems for future generations to enjoy and learn from. These objects may not necessarily be valuable, but they can be detained and repatriated regardless of ownership and permit export licences can be withheld. On a micro level, this includes certain possessions on superyachts. Many nations are now trying to recover what they see as stolen or looted artefacts, and this includes cases brought against the world’s national museums.

Small items, especially antiquities can be the focus of governments around the world, not least because trading in these items has been known to help fund terrorist organisations. Crews should be aware of documentation for the objects which they transport from one place to another on yachts so as not to fall foul of local laws.

ACREW’S INSIGHTS seminar proposes a fascinating insight into an entirely new side of today’s luxury yachting. It will be facilitated by Pandora Mather-Lees an art historian and art market professional along with selected experts and participants who will put the issues in context for captains, management and crew. The insights will be shared through ACREW’s extensive crew network of 12,000 yachting professionals across the industry.


Sponsorship €2,000

Furthermore, sponsors will also be included in the sponsorship of onboard training and workshops at a private superyacht rendezvous in St.Maarten in March 2019 entitled “Saint Maarten Rendezvous”.

Sponsors are able to attend and participate in the day’s talks. The sessions will be an excellent networking opportunity with decision makers onboard and onshore.

The day will consist of 3 hours of seminars followed by a drinks reception. The audience will encompass  Captains•Pursers•Chief Stews•

There will be a focus on Management Companies being aware of the many risks to valuable objects on board such as prohibited materials at sea and endangered species.

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