April 13th, 2016

Ramona’s passion for helping businesses and people GROW started 15 years ago after a very successful career in Fleet Street, where she worked on the Times and Sunday Times and the Mail on Sunday. Fleet street is where Ramona learnt her training, coaching and mentoring skills as well as how to generate substantial revenues in a very challenging sector. Ramona learnt to work with her people to create sustainable teams that knew how to balance the commercial with the cultural. She made sure they had lots of fun whilst still generating revenues and growing the business.

Today Ramona is still passionate about helping businesses GROW and she works with her clients helping them to clearly understand what their offering is and how to position their brand in the market. She works with them to create a sales strategy which will align itself with the vision of the business, and create the necessary shifts in skills, mindsets and behaviours to increase revenues, profit and build equity in their businesses.

Ramona also coaches & mentors Senior Executives, Consultants, and individuals to build on their personal brand, and understand their positioning in the market in order to gain a competitive advantage and become more visible within their organisations or to help them move on and achieve their goals when looking for new and different opportunities.

Ramona’s passion for growing people extends to college leavers & graduates. Our youth are our future. Ramona works with these young people coaching them to really get to grips about what it is they really want to do, building their confidence to get out in the real world, sell themselves.

Ramona has as a Business Coach had some very challenging, exciting and satisfying experiences working with Sir Stellios to launch the very successful Easyjet, Rupert Murdoch at News Group, Richard Desmonds at United Newspapers, Robert Maxwell at Mirror Group. She has also worked in publishing with The Guardian, Telegraph Newspapers, The Independent, The Newspaper Society. In Finance, she has worked with Abbey Life, Merrill Lynch, Lloyds TSB, In Corporate communications & Branding, Corporate Edge, Likemind, Salter Baxter, Futurebrand, Zephyr, Brandhouse and Others include Accenture, Harmony plc, The Bridgeman Arts Library, The PR Society of Kenya and Virgin Atlantic.

Ramona has great respect for sports professionals, supports Manchester United, Wasps Rugby Club and plays golf. She played International Table Tennis for Kenya.

Ramona was born in Nairobi, Kenya and educated at Loreto Convent in Nairobi, She went to Chelsea College, University of London, reading Entomology.

Ramona is a member of The Luxury Marketing Council, Women in The City, The Marketing Society, The Investor Relations Society UK and The Middle East and publishing sector advisor for The Industrial Society, managed by Vista, a subsidiary of Standard and Poors.

Ramona is currently learning French.

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